Tuesday, April 26, 2005

New Debian Project Leader Takes Charge: "'It is with [IBM's] assistance that the S/390 ports of Debian even got started,' Robinson explained. 'The value of IBM's contributions to the Free Software community in general... from funding conferences, sponsoring the development of Free Software such as Postfix, and their nationwide ad campaigns in the U.S. evangelizing the Linux kernel as an enterprise-class alternative to proprietary operating systems cannot be underestimated.'" Nice little article. I think he meant "Cannot be overestimated" though. I remain puzzled about this release cycle debate. We critisize Microsoft and Apple (rightly) for regular releases which offer no major advancements but rather cause discontinuance of support for older and perfectly adequate version of the OS while asking us for gobs more money. And yet we are asking for Open Source to keep a similar or even quicker release schedule. It will be interesting to see how this all sorks out. Beyond Sarge it's hard for me to see why we would ever NEED another release at all, unless the hardware folks actually come up with something new... which if you notice they don't seem to be doing at breakneck speeds these days. (Not that I'm complaining mind you).

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