Monday, March 14, 2005

Blackberry includes Yahoo! instant message - (United Press International) From the been-there-done-that department. Yahoo and RIM: Please go directly to F-ing HELL. Do not pass GO. I signed up for something like this a couple years ago. Got a slight price reduction on the cost of the hardware (still overpriced IMHO) and paid something a month that resembled the cost of a cell phone (but you could only do text messaging). The service sucked. About one in ten messages got through, the rest timed out. Even when the little antenna indicator was good, which often involved crossing the street, getting out of your car, etc, the message would time out. It was really useless for business, and marginal for "hi how ya doing" sort of messaging. After a year they announce discontinuance of the service and only offered a new contract directly through RIM at about triple the monthly cost. I said no-thank you and threw the boat anchor hardware away. No new business with either company for me. Thank you very-bait-and-switch-much.

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