Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Microsoft updates IM, Web conferencing products | Tech News on ZDNet: "Finally, Microsoft unveiled a new version of its Web conferencing program and service, called Office Live Meeting. That program is based on software Microsoft acquired along with PlaceWare in 2003. 'When we did the PlaceWare acquisition, our bet was that this was going to be a huge area,' Raikes said. Companies are turning to Web conferencing to save on costs, Raikes said, adding that Microsoft saved more than $40 million on business-travel-related costs by using Live Meeting internally." How many times have we heard this? I'm not holding my breath for the time when those who can justify it to get free travel away from their jobs, wives, and other unpleasentries, AND get all those frequent flyer miles to boot. Online conferencing will take off right after ZD and others close down their print operations in favor of Internet-only distribution, that is, when the cows come home (on Neptune!)

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