Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ariz. High School Trades Books for Laptops: "'Because most schools are not starting from scratch ... most districts are using a blended approach now and will phase out their printed textbooks,' he said. For example, in the Henrico County school system near Richmond, Va., students in 23 middle and high schools will be using laptops for the fifth straight year, though teachers still use textbooks, said spokesman Mychael Dickerson. Many publishers of traditional textbooks are offering digital formats to address the growing use of computers, and that provided some of the material for Empire High's curriculum. Teachers also used subscription services and free Web resources. Students get the materials over the school's wireless Internet network. The school has a central filtering system that limits what can be downloaded on campus. The system also controls chat room visits and instant messaging that might otherwise distract wired students. Students can turn in homework online. A Web program checks against Internet sources for plagiarized material and against the work of other students, Baker said. 'If you copy from your buddy, it's going to get caught,' he said."

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