Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bill Clinton's Post-Presidency - A Plan for World Domination: "Clinton is still a man of huge public-service aspirations. He?s still adored abroad. And he?s still considered president by the nation?s estranged, bluer half. Yet he?s also still deeply wounded, burdened by a sense of both underappreciation and unrealized promise. Much more than his successor, Clinton understood exactly which direction the world was headed when he twice took the oath of office, yet he didn?t, for reasons both circumstantial and of his own unlovely making, deliver some of the things he valued most: universal health care, a shored-up system of social security, energy independence, security at home and in the Middle East. He can?t rest on his laurels. So what does a man do with all this feral hunger?to do more, to set the record straight?and all this hurt, God, so much hurt, which steams off him with such intensity it practically blurs the air?"

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