Friday, September 02, 2005

1999 Budgeting for flood control: "Lake Pontchartrain and vicinity (hurricane protection), Louisiana- The Committee recommendation concurs with the House allowance of $11,848,000 for the Lake Pontchartrain and vicinity (hurricane protection), Louisiana project. In addition, in light of recent devastating flooding, the Corps is directed to evaluate the feasibility of expediting the remaining features of the project in the vicinity of St. Charles Parish, and to provide the Committee with an accelerated construction schedule and funding profile through project completion, along with the feasibility and impacts of incorporating four additional pumping stations, and other needed structures, in the New Orleans west unit, St. Charles Parish levee part of the project. Lake Pontchartrain storm water discharge, Louisiana- The Committee has included $850,000 to continue the development of this project. Further, the facility owners shall receive credit for design and construction, compatible with project requirements, accomplished by the facility owner prior to execution of the necessary agreements with the non-Federal sponsor. Ouachita River levees, Louisiana- The Committee recommends an appropriation of $2,300,000 for the Corps of Engineers to complete the rehabilitation or replacement of deteriorated drainage structures in the Ouachita River levee system in Louisiana."

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