Friday, July 15, 2005

Rove Learned CIA Agent's Name From Novak: "In an interview on CNN earlier Thursday before the latest revelation, Wilson kept up his criticism of the White House, saying Rove's conduct was an 'outrageous abuse of power ... certainly worthy of frog-marching out of the White House.' But at the same time, Wilson acknowledged his wife was no longer in an undercover job at the time Novak's column first identified her. 'My wife was not a clandestine officer the day that Bob Novak blew her identity,' he said. Federal law prohibits government officials from divulging the identity of an undercover intelligence officer. But in order to bring charges, prosecutors must prove the official knew the officer was covert and nonetheless knowingly outed his or her identity." So why is the country wasting its time on this? So Wilson can write another book?

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