Saturday, July 16, 2005

Setting Scoble's record on Technorati straight | Between the Lines | "Finally, I'd like to touch on the blogging/journalism thing because this is a real good case study. In a prior blog, Scoble defends his own methodology for writing, saying that he never claimed to be a journalist but that 'I do occassionally do journalism here.' Perhaps we could use a little icon so we know how to recognize when he's doing it. He goes on to talk about how he sometimes gets in wrong and that his cell phone number is on the home page of his blog to make it easy for people to call him with corrections. He concludes by saying 'I agree that corrections don't always cut it. I too wish for a more accurate reporting system, but this system is pretty darn good at self correcting. So far I've been watching for factual mistakes where Microsoft is concerned and there hasn't been that many.' What about factual mistakes where Microsoft isn't concerned?" The only reason I read Scoble is to get pissed off. He is not a journalist. He is not a programmer. He doesn't want to be labeled as a marketing droid. But Microsoft pays him. To do what? I already know that Microsoft is incompetent at much of what they do. They need a specialist to put daily proof out there? Duh.

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