Friday, May 27, 2005

The Decembrist: The Fortas Filibuster and Janice Rogers Brown: "Thurmond would invite Senators one by one up to his office to have a look at these films -- but no ladies, of course! (There was only one woman in the Senate at the time.) The vision of Thurmond and his cronies sitting in that dark room watching black and white stag films of the pre-Deep Throat era, over and over again while pretending to be considering a Supreme Court nomination has always been a horrifying vision, but a reminder that there's nothing that much nobler about the Senate of the recent past than today's.)" This from a Liberal, who opposes the Janice Brown nomination. I disagree with his conclusion. The left has had several years to put up a good smear campaign against Brown and have failed. Her whacky Libertarian ideas can be summarized as: Government doesn't always solve as many problems as it creates. A sentiment that most American would agree with. The loopy left, consisting largely of lifetime government "servants" just don't get this, and if Government grows to include half the population (not as remote as it sounds) all hope for freedom will be lost. (I know some of these lifers who sit around viewing porn films at work to this very day).

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