Monday, May 16, 2005

Global Dispatches - Computerworld: "TOKYO -- Trend Micro Inc. last week said it will compensate 3.5 million home users and its corporate customers in Japan for the cost of repairing PCs after it delivered a faulty antivirus software update. Whether the company will offer compensation to users in other countries was left unclear. Tokyo-based Trend Micro acknowledged that it had not checked some code in the update or fully tested the new software on PCs running Windows XP Service Pack 2 prior to the update's release on April 23. By midweek, the company had fielded over 370,000 calls from customers, including more than 650 corporate users. Dealing with the problem had cost Trend Micro about 300 million yen ($2.8 million) as of last Monday. The flaw, which uses up processing power and severely degrades performance, affects PCs running SP2 with Trend Micro's OfficeScan or VirusBuster software." Now if US companies would just behave like this they would, uh, be broke.

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