Monday, May 16, 2005

Ryan Shaw ? Greasemonkey Stole Your Job (and Your Business Model): "I spent some time tonight playing around with Greasemonkey, and it pretty much blew my mind. What is it? Well, basically it is a platform for running scripts that inject new functionality into web interfaces. If you?re a UI designer, this might frighten you. What it means is that any kid with a bright idea and a knack for DHTML can create a new interface for your site, and it will probably be better than yours. (There?s a lot of bright kids out there in the world.) Why should you get paid when the bright kids will do your job better for free? The key to survival will be going meta: design for the bright kids. Create a flexible, modular set of APIs and a well-documented example UI or two that shows how they are used. Learn from Amazon and release your grip on the end-user experience." What a concept! At last a new technology that puts us back where HTML and the "Web" concept started. Content with as little formatting as possible that you can view in any way you choose. Don't worry though, some control freek in the form of an individual or organization will no doubt come along to put everything right again and make it "just so".

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