Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Epic has first 'PlayStation 3 hardware': "Some top notch game developers such as Epic gamers have already received their first Playstation 3 hardware. This occurred about two and a half months ago. Sony is definitely after the content as it needs as many cool games as possible" I don't know that this should come as such a surprise. Back a few years ago when competition between the current game consoles was still hot (both Xbox and Playstation are a bit long in the tooth these days) Sony was floating articles about their next design. They gave out enough information that you could practically have built one then, except that nobody had fabricated the chips yet. I really don't know who "invented" the cell concept, but it was being described by Sony long ago. Why didn't they come out with it sooner? The article I read was very clear on this: They didn't have to. They were already beating the XBox, making a profit at it while MS was losing money. But they knew where they were going and were prepared to come out with something as soon as MS did. Will they lose some momentum being 6 months behind Microsoft? Maybe. On the other hand, if MS is still selling Xboxes at a loss, why not let them lose money faster for a while. MS predicts the XBox division will turn profitable next year. Making it up in volume I guess. It will be fun to watch. I have no interest in a game machine, except maybe turning one of the PS3s into a Linux machine (I have to wait and see how loud the fan is first).

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