Monday, June 13, 2005

Prices of Tech Items Seem to Keep Falling -- With a Few Exceptions: "Another example, of course, is software. Microsoft, for one, seems to be in no particular hurry to cut the price of Windows. Ten years ago, an upgrade version of Windows 95, then fresh from the labs in Redmond, Wash., was being sold in most stores for $89.95. If you shop online for Windows XP Home, the third-generation successor to Windows 95, you'll find it in the same ballpark." He claims you can get a basic PC for $300 now. I know this is true, but such things aren't COMMON. The middlemen keep coming up with ways to bump that price back up over $1K. There is something to be said for the comparison with audio equipment, which I have made before. But do you see names like Dell and HP on audio equipment? Ah there you go, you will know when PC prices are approaching commodity levels when the only brands you see at the store are Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, get the picture? Of course if some of the American companies would stop pretending they actually make the things we could get to these prices sooner. You also have to get rid of that Microsoft tax of course.

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