Friday, June 03, 2005

Powerbook G5 Next Tuesday? : Gizmodo: "There is every reason in the world that this could be fake, but it won?t hurt to go ahead and put those Powerbooks on eBay." Um, yeah sure. Battery life is expected to be on the order of 45 seconds. Apple recommends connecting the back of the Powerbook to a vacuum cleaner to get enough airflow to avoid the processor melting throught the bottom of the unit. Pricing starts at $9599. Which reminds me, there were interesting benchmark numbers on Slashdot today that showed the PowerPC running circles around Intel and AMD, except that the Apple OS slows things down so much that it ends up coming out behind. Another benchmark comparing OS X to Linux on the G5 claimed that Linux was in some cases FIVE TIMES FASTER! Well, I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy the next version of OS X anyway. For one thing the Installation disk that came with the Powerbook is not a regular install disk I found out. It's a "special" recovery disk sort of thing. Apples plays the same games as Microsoft, because, deep down inside they want to be Microsoft. So I'll get a full install disk, partition the machine with about a third of it for OS X (if that) and put Debian (or maybe Yellow-Dog) on the rest of it. This machine has been totally reliable, and the speed is good enough, but I guess that's more due to the hardware than the software. I can hardly wait to get Linux on it though. The best hardware and the best software...together at last!

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