Sunday, June 05, 2005

palmOne - LifeDrive Mobile Manager - Product Features and Specifications Is this new? Or has this pending Apple announcement got my antennae tuned to the totally bonehead corporate executive channel? Get them while they last! For only $700 you can get a tiny little color display (same resolution Palm has been using since the mid 1800s) using an operating system they plan to drop soon (in favor of Linux they say). Yeah! For the price of a laptop you can get a system that needs a magnifying glass to read, has a six minute battery life and is compatible with Mac OS X, oh ooops... WAS compatible with the older Mac systems, but will be compatible with the new Intel models in six or seven years. Oh, but for $700 you can go by one of the old Mac systems. They'll be practically giving them away until 2006 because nobody in their right mind would want to be stuck with one. The real question: After Apple's stock price drops through the floor will they have enough ooomph to actually get the new systems out the door. Jobs is gonna be scratchin' his ass wondering "wha happened?" again. Too sad. Too too sad. Oh. If I'm going to spend $700 for a "palmtop" device, I think I'll wait for the Nokia Linux machine (although I won't be first in line for that either). Tomorrow, Black Monday will be the day the American computer industry officially became irrelevant. Ta ta!

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